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Name: Cybermen
Home planet: Mondas/ Earth
1st Appearance: The Tenth Planet
Doctor: 1st

Name: Dalek
Home planet: Skaro
1st Appearance: The Daleks
Doctor: 1st

Name: Silence
Home planet: unknown
1st Appearance: The Impossible Astronaut
Doctor: 11th

Name: Ood
Home planet: Ood Sphere
1st Appearance: The Impossible Planet
Doctor: 10th

Name: Weeping Angels
Home planet: unknown
1st Appearance: Blink
Doctor: 10th

Name: Vashta Nerada
Home Planet: unknown
1st Appearance: Silence in the Library
Doctor: 10th

Name: Judoon
Home planet: Shadow Proclamation's Head quarters
1st Appearance: Smith and Jones
Doctor: 10th
Name: The Master
Home planet: Galifrey
1st Appearance: The Terror of the Autons
Doctor: 3rd
Name: Siren
Home planet: unknown
1st Appearance: The curse of the Black Spot
Doctor: 11th

Name: Sontarian
Home planet: Sontar
1st Appearance: The Time Warrior
Doctor: 4th
Name: Silurian
Home planet: Earth
1st Appearance: Doctor Who and the Silirians
Doctor: 3rd