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Welcome to Doctor Who Roleplay!

This is what you call a roleplay. And since this is the Doctor Who Roleplay you can make your own Doctor Who/ Sarah Jane character or you can become a character that already exists. And once you make a person you can start talking and so you know what I mean look at mine. Thanks :)

My Character
I'm Time Lord. Well I guess I have to explain, I'm The Doctor's sister. I was in the middle of the Great Time War (2 years old) some alien (still not sure) saved me from a burning building. Then all of a sudden I was on earth next to a hospital in 1996.

My adopted name is Adelaide Kenneth, but I toke my brothers earth name, John Smith, there for making my name Adelaide Smith. But Time Lord name is the Seer.

I'm dating Luke Smith (Sarah Jane's adopted son) created by the Bane.

I love to laugh, I'm outgoing, and I love saving the earth!